Passing Scores for the FTCE (2022)

What Is the FTCE?

The FTCE (Florida Teacher Certification Examinations) are a set of timed tests promulgated by the Florida Department of Education to assess the readiness of their teaching candidates to instruct Kindergarten through 12th Grade in the State of Florida.

There are two educator certification tracks that constitute the post-secondary assessment program:

-FELE: Florida Educational Leadership Examination

-FTCE: Florida Teacher Certification Examination

But for this article, the focus will be solely on the FTCE and its passing scores.

As a point of clarification, the FTCE uses the plural form, Examinations because educators intent upon qualifying for K-12 Professional Teaching Certificate must take at least three different tests. Majority of the tests are made only of multiple-choice questions, with just a few of the tests also including essay questions. The foreign language tests may also require an oral interview.

The three mandatory tests are as follows:

1. The General Knowledge Test consisting of four sub-level tests:

  • An Essay
  • A Math Test
  • A Reading Test
  • An English Language Skills Test

2. At least one of the 39 subject-specific tests

3. A Professional Education Test

When you are ready to start the FTCE test registration process, or you have specific questions about the FTCE program and FTCE test costs, or what to expect on test day, you can contact FTCE/FELE Customer Service at (866)613-3281, or go to their website.

NOTE: Due to teacher shortages in Florida, a candidate can opt for a Temporary Certificate, good for three years, by taking just the subject-specific tests corresponding to the subjects they plan to teach. However, temporary certificates are NOT renewable.

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Select a practice test to help you prepare for your upcoming exam.

FTCE Scores

Understanding FTCE scores can be kind of tricky. Rather than a traditional raw score model using a simple percentage, such as, 50 questions with 48 correct answers = 96%, the FTCE tests use a scaled score. A scaled score converts a raw score into a value that is standardized across all FTCE test subjects and versions. All FTCE scores on multiple choice tests are on a scale whereby, 200 is always the minimum passing score. This is done for two reasons:

  1. The various FTCE tests do not have a standard number of questions. For example, the General Knowledge Test - Reading sub-level test has 40 questions; the Chemistry grades 6-12 test has 85 questions, and the Math grades 6-12 test has 70 questions, etc.
  2. All FTCE tests are computer-based with a bank of questions available for use. If two candidates sat next to each other to take the 70-question math test, the computer is going to select a group of questions from the bank that will be different for each candidate. If one candidate gets a group of questions that are harder than the other candidate's questions, thereby making one test easier to pass, it would be unfair using a raw score pass/fail system. Instead, every test question is given a difficulty rating. Going back to the math test, an easier group of 70 questions might take 49 correct answers to pass, versus a harder group of questions that only takes 45 correct answers to pass. A scaled score allows both test versions to be reported-out with the same pass/fail score criteria.

The foregoing explanation about scaled scores demonstrates that, although FTCE test score reports include the raw score, it does not determine the passing score; so there is no way of knowing the degree of difficulty carried by the particular computer-selected group of questions a candidate is given. The whole point of the scaled score system is to "level the playing field" between tests of dissimilar degrees of difficulty.

FTCE Passing Scores and Pass Rate

In general, the FTCE program aims for a minimum 70% raw score to pass a test. However, due to the varying degrees of difficulty for each test subject's overall bank of questions, the minimum raw score may be above or below 70%. For example, the two test subjects with the most difficult bank of questions are Humanities K-12 and Middle Grades Social Science, with passing raw scores of 61% or higher. On the other hand, the two least difficult test subjects are the General Knowledge sub-level Reading Test, and Engineering and Technology Education 6-12 test, with passing raw scores of 75% or higher.

It is important to know that the varying degrees of difficulty are based on a subject matter expert's question-by-question assessment. The utility in knowing a subject's assessed minimum raw FTCE score is to provide an aiming point for test candidates. For example, knowing the 61% minimum score for the Humanities 6-12 test allows candidates to prepare themselves and ensure they obtain a passing score. Essentially, the degree of difficulty, and attaining a high score, are not as meaningful as passing the test; as long as you score at least 61%. The tables shown below have the test scores sorted by subject.

General Knowledge

Subset % needed of Correct Answers
for a Passing Score
English Language Skills
8/12 points

Professional Education Examination also has a required percentage of 71 for a candidate to obtain a passing score.

Subject Area Examination

Subject % needed of Correct Answers
for a Passing Score
Agriculture 6-12
Art K-12
Biology 6-12
Business Education 6-12
Chemistry 6-12
Computer Science K-12
Drama 6-12
Earth Space Science 6-12
Educational Media Specialist
Engineering and Technology 6-12
Exceptional Students Education 6-12
Family and Consumer Science
Guidance and Counselling PK-12
Health K-12
Hearing Impairment K-12
Latin K-12
Humanities K-12
Marketing 6-12
Mathematics 6-12
Music K-12
Physical EducationK-12
Physics 6-12
Pre-School Education
Reading K-12
Social Science 6-12
School Psychologist PK-12
Speech Language Impairment K-12
Visually Impaired K-12

Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages are scored a bit differently from other subject area tests. The foreign language tests are scored as a combination of three components; speaking, essay and multiple choice, with the exception of German which is broken down into two subsets. Below you'll find the scores of each of these components for the Spanish K-12, French K-12 and German K-12:

  1. Spanish K-12:
  • Speaking 40%
  • Essay 10%
  • Multiple Choice 50%
  1. French K-12:
  • Speaking 25%
  • Essay 15%
  • Multiple Choice 60%
  1. German K-12:
  • Subset 1: Essay 20% and Multiple Choice 80%
  • Subset 2: Oral interview scored on a Pass/Fail basis

Florida State Law requires the Department of Education to publish an annual administrative and technical report on the overall efficacy of the FTCE and FELE programs. The 2020 results were published in June 2021. One of the many aspects applicable to both programs is the historical FTCE pass rate for each one of the subject area tests. Although the pass rates can be a useful barometer for candidates preparing for an FTCE test, the real purpose is to help subject matter experts determine if a test is too easy or difficult, and whether adjustments are needed. The Report breaks out the FTCE test results in the following three categories, with each one listing the quantity of tests taken, and the passing rate percentage:

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- First-Attempts

- Retake Attempts

- Total Attempts

The chart below shows the 2020 results:

FTCE Examinations First-Attempt Retakes Total Attempts
Number of candidates Pass % Number of Candidates Pass % Number of Candidates Pass %
Total Subsets for General Knowledge 68,007 62 22,739 44 90,746 57
Professional Education 10,957 69 3,943 43 65,789 62
Total Subject Area Examination 42,194 62 23,595 33 65,789 51

Waiting for Your FTCE Test Results

FTCE test results are reported-out with a few variables. The worst-case scenario for any test is four weeks after the test date. The targeted score report date for 2022 is the second Monday of the week following the date the candidate took the test. For example: If a candidate took the test between February 7, 2022, and February 13, 2022, the report-out date is Monday, February 21, 2022. FTCE test score reports are posted to the examinee's account created at the time of registration, as well as to the school district where the candidate has been hired to teach.

The variables that could delay the score report-out date by as much as four weeks, are:

- If the test taken includes an essay or an oral interview, it will take longer to score. It is quite likely the score report will not be ready the week following your test date.

- If a test is newly updated, or is still undergoing revision, the computerized scoring system may not have the up-to-date answer key loaded, necessitating manual scoring, and therefore, extra time.

If the FTCE test you have taken is multiple-choice only, and it is not under revision, the testing site can usually provide an on-the-spot, unofficial pass/fail result.

Retaking the FTCE

If you do not pass a test or subset the first-time, you can register to sit for a retake 31 days after the initial test date. Candidates will have to follow the same steps they took to register the first time around. And, pay the retake fee, which in most cases is the same as the first attempt fee. As long as the date you sit for the retake; is 31 calendar days from the initial test date, then a new test report will be issued. But, if the 31 days have not yet passed, the computerized registration system will NOT automatically block you from registering. However, when the retake is scored, and 31 days have not elapsed, the retake will be invalidated, and you will not receive the new FTCE score report. There will be no refund for an invalidated retake; so you will have to re-register and pay the retake fee again.

Registering for a Score Verification Session

The FTCE program has a rigorous quality control process for developing test questions. Using the Humanities K-12 subject for illustration, a test candidate will undergo a battery of 120 multiple choice questions. In order to provide enough question variety for each administered test, the Humanities K-12 question bank will number several hundred. With that many questions the law of averages dictates there might be some that are okay for a panel of experts, but are problematic (i.e.; poorly worded, invalid answers, etc.) for test candidates. A 120-question test with a high degree of difficulty, like Humanities K-12, might have only a 2-3 question difference between a passing score and a failing one.

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In order to guard against the possibility of a candidate test failure resulting from problematic questions, candidates may register for a Score Verification Session. A Session costs $75.00. There are several eligibility rules for a Score Verification Session:

- Your failing FTCE test score can be no worse than 10 points below (i.e.; 190) the 200-point scaled score passing threshold.

- You cannot sit for a Score Verification Session until 31 days have passed since the date of your failed test. Once 45 days have passed since your test date, you are no longer eligible for a Score Verification Session.

- Once you have attended a Score Verification Session, you cannot sit for a retake test for another 31 days.

- A Score Verification Session is NOT a study aid. The intent is to verify whether any of the questions you missed are deemed problematic. If the score verifier determines that a question(s) is actually problematic, your test score will be adjusted, and the $75.00 fee will be refunded. If your score adjustment is enough to push the result to 200 or more scaled points, a new, passing test report will be issued.

For how Long Are FTCE Scores Valid?

It is not so much about how long FTCE test scores are valid, it is more about how long the Florida DOE retains your FTCE test scores. Currently, test scores are retained for five years.

The common goal for all prospective teachers is to get a teaching job at an elementary or secondary school by the quickest route. In terms of a Florida teacher certification to facilitate employment, the quickest route is a non-renewable three-year Temporary Certificate. A Temporary Certificate only requires a passing score on one FTCE subject area test covering the course specialization you plan to teach. For example, if you plan on teaching 3rd grade, you need to pass the FTCE subject area K-6 Elementary Education test. If you wait more than five years to submit your teacher certification package for Elementary Education K-6, you would be ineligible for a certificate.

Once you pass the General Knowledge Test and the Professional Education Test, you are eligible for a renewable, five-year Professional Certificate.

A Professional Certificate is renewable by completing an additional six semester hours of college credit, with at least one semester hour in "Students With Disabilities". The remainder of the semester hours can come from a variety of topics, such as, "computer literacy, drug abuse, student dropout prevention", and so on.

Preparing for the FTCE

Probably the biggest mistake made by FTCE testing candidates is thinking their test score is an indicator of how much of an expert they are on the subject. The only thing that really matters as an outcome of the test, is passing! By what margin a test is passed has no bearing on how well a teacher does in the classroom.

And to pass, it is important to prepare and there are several strategies you can use in your preparation program, including using study materials from teacher preparation programs. But the ultimate best way to prepare for an FTCE test is to obtain the custom-prepared Test Information Guide for each one of the 41 different FTCE tests. These guides are extremely comprehensive, and geared specifically for passing an FTCE test. They are available for download on the FTCE's website.

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Test Information Guides cover the following:

- Preparation Strategies

- Competencies, Skills, and test question percentages for each competency

- Test Format and Sample Questions

- Comprehensive, Annotated Bibliography (the Humanities K-12 test, for example, has 30 different reference sources)

Aside from the free Test Information Guides endorsed by the Florida Department of Education, there are numerous FTCE subject-specific study guides and practice tests available online.

If you can pass several FTCE specific practice tests, you are definitely ready to take the actual test!

Expert Contributor

Nadim Tabsch

Nadim Tabsch is an adjunct English professor with over 15 years of experience. He has deep expertise in Literacy and Social Sciences and has been an educator at the elementary, middle school, high school, and collegiate level. Nadim graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education from Barry University and a Master's degree in Literacy from the University of New England.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I see my score on the FTCE?

    FTCE scores are available via the test candidate account created when you first registered for a test. The worst-case waiting time for a test score is four weeks. In most cases the results of a multiple choice only test are posted to your account within 10-14 days. The majority of test sites can provide on-the-spot, unofficial pass/fail results.

  • What test do I need for certification in Florida?

    It depends on which certification path you are pursuing. A Temporary Certificate (good for three years) only requires a passing FTCE score on the subject-specific test for the course to be taught. A Professional Certificate (good for five years) requires passing scores on a subject-specific test, plus the General Knowledge Test and the Professional Education test.

    (Video) Why Don’t I Get My Teacher Certification Results Immediately? | FTCE

  • What is score verification for the FTCE?

    The score verification session allows candidates the opportunity to check their wrong answers on a particular FTCE test and challenge the reporting outcome, however, the candidate will not be allowed the chance to change their answers.


What is the easiest FTCE test to pass? ›

FTCE Passing Scores and Pass Rate

On the other hand, the two least difficult test subjects are the General Knowledge sub-level Reading Test, and Engineering and Technology Education 6-12 test, with passing raw scores of 75% or higher.

What is a scale score of 200? ›

The Professional Education test has approximately 120 multiple-choice questions. You need to get 71% of the answers correct to earn a scaled score of 200. Assuming there are exactly 120 questions, you'll need at least 85 correct answers to pass the assessment.

What score do you need to pass the Florida Reading endorsement test? ›

In general, the FTCE Reading exam has 100 questions and you must get 71% of the answers correct to pass. You will be given an initial scaled score when you finish the exam.

Is the Florida teacher certification exam hard? ›

The answer is yes. The FTCE does cover a lot of information and is challenging. You will need to review the information from your teacher prep courses and study materials to prepare. Information on each exam can be found on the FTCE website.

How many people pass the FTCE the first time? ›

The first-time pass rate for the professional education test was 78%.

How long does it take to get your FTCE results? ›

Official score reports are posted to examinee accounts within 4 weeks of the test date. You may refer to the score report dates listed on the FTCE/FELE contractor website. The "Understanding Your Scores" page on the contractor website provides additional information about what is provided on your score report.

What is a scaled score of 70? ›

Scaled scores indicate the same level of performance, regardless of which form a candidate has received. For NCCT certification exams, the converted raw passing score is 70 on a scale of 0 to 100. This is NOT a percentage. Why use a scaled score?

What is a scaled score of 240? ›

Test results are calculated as scaled scores in a range from 100 to 300, with a score of 240 representing the minimum passing score. If your total test scaled score is 240 or above, you have passed the test or subtest. Your total test score is based on your performance on all sections of the test or subtest.

What is an average scaled score? ›

WHAT IS A MEAN SCALE SCORE? A mean scale score is the average performance of a group of students on an assessment. Specifically, a mean scale score is calculated by adding all individual student scores and dividing by the number of total scores. It can also be referred to as an average.

How do I pass the FTCE? ›

To pass the GK exam, you'll need a scaled score of at least 200 on each of the three multiple-choice subtests (English Language Skills, Reading, and Mathematics) and at least 8 out of 12 points on the essay subtest. For more information about how your exam will be scored, check out our article on FTCE scores.

What is a passing score on the FTCE elementary K 6? ›

A passing score for the FTCE K-6 exam is a scaled score of at least 200 for each of the four subtests: Language Arts and Reading, Social Science, Science, and Mathematics.

How do I pass the FTCE professional education test? ›

How to Pass the FTCE Professional Education Exam - YouTube

How many times can you take the FTCE exam? ›

You can retake your exam as many times as you need to pass it, but keep in mind that you'll have to pay the exam fees for each attempt. Make sure you are prepared as possible the first time around with 240 Tutoring's FTCE study guides.

How long should I study for the FTCE? ›

FTCE Study Time - How much time should I spend? - YouTube

What is the starting salary for teachers in Florida? ›

How much does an Entry Level Teacher make in Florida? The average Entry Level Teacher salary in Florida is $39,751 as of September 26, 2022, but the range typically falls between $33,199 and $48,468.

What percentage of people fail the Praxis? ›

Fifty-four percent of those who take the Praxis test on elementary-level content fail on their first try. Twenty-five percent never manage to pass. (In nursing, by contrast, 85% of test-takers pass their licensing test on the first try.)

Is everyone passing the STR exam? ›

The Science of Teaching Reading was previously combined with the Core Subjects EC-6 ELAR and STR exam, which has a recent passing rate of 86%. As of September 2021, the Texas Education Agency established a scaled score for each portion of the exam.

How many people pass the Praxis the first time? ›

Only 46 percent of teaching candidates pass their licensing exam on their first attempt. To ensure you're not wasting valuable time and money on exam registration, take a few Praxis practice exams ahead of the real thing.

How long does it take for the FTCE essay to be graded? ›

All FTCE and FELE scores will be within 4 weeks of the test date.

Is the Fele test hard? ›

The total pass rate for all FTCE and FELE (Florida Educational Leadership Examinations) attempts in 2019 was 73%--that means over a quarter of all attempts at certification were unsuccessful in that year. The pass rate was even lower for General Knowledge exams in 2019 at only 70%.

How many questions are on the FTCE ese exam? ›

The FTCE Exceptional Student Education K–12 exam includes 120 scorable multiple-choice questions. All questions are designed to assess your knowledge of the competencies and the related skills reviewed in this book.

Is the FTCE K 6 exam hard? ›

In addition to being challenging, the K-6 exam is long. The first time you take the K-6, you'll need to take all four subtests. This can take almost five hours. However, using our FTCE K-6 Study Guide and practice tests can help prepare you for this lengthy exam.

How long should I study for the FTCE? ›

FTCE Study Time - How much time should I spend? - YouTube

How many times can you take the FTCE exam? ›

You can retake your exam as many times as you need to pass it, but keep in mind that you'll have to pay the exam fees for each attempt. Make sure you are prepared as possible the first time around with 240 Tutoring's FTCE study guides.

Is 240 tutoring worth it? ›

Yes, 240 Tutoring is definitely worth it! The study guides are high-quality, the customer service is responsive, and the price is unbeatable. If you're looking for a test prep program to help you pass your teacher certification exam, we highly recommend 240 Tutoring.

How do I pass the FTCE? ›

To pass the GK exam, you'll need a scaled score of at least 200 on each of the three multiple-choice subtests (English Language Skills, Reading, and Mathematics) and at least 8 out of 12 points on the essay subtest. For more information about how your exam will be scored, check out our article on FTCE scores.

How do I pass the FTCE professional education test? ›

How Do You Pass the Professional Education Test? To get a passing score of 200, you'll need to answer at least 71 of the 100 questions correctly. Due to the scaled scoring system, this number may be slightly lower for different versions of the exam, but it gives you a goal to work towards.

Is the FTCE Math 6 12 hard? ›

If you answered yes to these questions, you need to read the following FTCE test information. The FTCE Mathematics 6-12 exam is known for its level of difficultly. And it's even more difficult if your major in college wasn't mathematics.

How many questions are on the FTCE professional exam? ›

FTCE Professional Education Test Information

You are required to take this test in order to obtain a professional teaching certificate in Florida. Format: The test has 100 multiple-choice questions. It is computer-based (CBT) and must be completed in 2.5 hours.

Can you teach in Florida without a certification? ›

Florida educators must be certified to teach in our public schools and in many of our private schools. Educators include classroom teachers, school administrators, and other support professionals, such as guidance counselors and media specialists.

What states accept Florida teaching license? ›

Florida Teacher Reciprocity Agreements
ArkansasLouisianaNew Jersey
CaliforniaMaineNew Mexico
ColoradoMarylandNew York
ConnecticutMassachusettsNorth Carolina
7 more rows

Can you retake the FTCE? ›

Retake Policy

You must wait 31 calendar days after taking a test/subtest/section or after attending a score verification session before retaking a test/subtest/section you did not pass; or three years after taking a test/subtest/section for which you received a passing score.

Can I use a calculator on the FTCE? ›

While examinees are not authorized to bring their calculators, some sections of the FTCE will have an on-screen calculator for the duration of the testing session. In the following tests and subtests, you will be able to use an on-screen calculator: General Knowledge Subtest 4: Mathematics.

What is the first exam you have to pass to become a certified teacher in Florida? ›

Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE)

You will need to pass the required General Knowledge Test (GKT) and the Professional Education Test (PEd) prior to issuance of your Professional Certificate.

What is a scaled score of 240? ›

Test results are calculated as scaled scores in a range from 100 to 300, with a score of 240 representing the minimum passing score. If your total test scaled score is 240 or above, you have passed the test or subtest. Your total test score is based on your performance on all sections of the test or subtest.

Are the csets hard? ›

In the 2019-2020 year, the CSET: Multiple Subjects had a passing rate of 68.8%. It is challenging because of the amount of material you must know and the 11 constructed-response questions (CRQs).

How do you get your money back from 240 tutoring? ›

To Be Eligible for a Refund, the Test-Taker Must:
  1. Earn 90% on the “Practice Test” in the study guide. ...
  2. Take the exam within 30 days of the end of the 240 Tutoring study guide subscription. ...
  3. Provide a copy of the official score report to 240 Tutoring. ...
  4. Request a refund within three months of the failed exam attempt.


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